About us


Sunfield is committed to serving our customers with a goal- to meet your fabric needs in a friendly and personalized environment.

We have built the company with commitment to weave a fabric of friendship with you. Our reputation as a provider for consistently high quality products and customer service is unparalleled in the textile industry.

Our 100% solution dyed acrylic comes from one of the best mills in Europe.

Our awning, marine and banner fabric range is the finest fabric you will ever use. Our consistent quality and vibrant colors are backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

We are confident our fabrics will win you over!

Sunfield Furniture fabric is a collection of some of the finest colors and designs. The Italian Beauties Collection has conquered the world and there will be no exception. If you are looking for something nice, something special, and something unique Sunfield deserves a chance to show you our fine collection.

Our canvas is woven on the newest Sulzer looms, making our quality top notch with unbeatable prices! With a wide range of products available in our warehouse in Charleston SC, we are the preferred supplier for the majority of canvas customers. Our passion for canvas cannot be beat! Give us a call and we’ll prove it to you!


Our canvas bags come from the finest and largest mill in India. Once you have purchased our designer bag collections you will know there is so much more on its way from Sunfield.

Our drop cloths are the most popular and they have been our best selling product for a long time. After having sold containers of drop clothes for the last 13 years, Sunfield is privileged to have sold to some of the best customers on Earth.

Sunfield Tarps are sold in large volumes to our customers worldwide. From production to packaging we take pride in our tarps. Sunfield's strength in manufacturing makes us a preferred choice for all made up products. Our tarp range is so extensive that we can do custom sizes. Your tarp is ready to be made, by the best in the business