Sunfield cushion grade furniture fabric is available in 54”. Our fabric is backed by a 5 year warranty. We have a very large range of colors and stripes, with more than 50 colors regularly available in our Charleston warehouse.

The most popular furniture fabrics are broken down into four categories

  • Super Soilds & Textures
  • Sun Stripes
  • Pretty Pin Stripes
  • Italian Beauties

We are just a phone call away from shipping fabric to you!

Super Solids & Textures: Our wide variety of solids and textures offer beautiful vibrant colors with a unique feel and texture. From Cancun to Rainforest these colors are sure to make any piece of furniture stand out in a crowd.

Sun Stripes: Sunfield offers a variety of classic sun stripes that are a must have in any home or garden. Our high quality fabric, beautiful designs, and 3 year limited warranty will leave you feeling comfortable and secure in your choice to use Sunfield fabrics.

Pretty Pin Stripes: If you are looking for pin stripes then go no further. Sunfield offers a wide range of pin stripe patterns to fit any space, whether it is funky fun with our Lime/White pin stripe or a nautical retreat with our Navy/White pin stripe.

Italian Beauties: Sunfield offers the most beautiful and unique patterns with our Italian Beauties collection. These prints are sure to transform any space into an Italian paradise.

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Sample Cards with New Colors for 2015