Wax Tarps

Sunfield brings you tarps, made by the same team who has provided the highest quality tarps all across the world. From production to packaging, Sunfield makes a strong statement. Our tarp ranges from light weight to super heavy weight. High quality grommets are spaced 24 inches apart by advanced machines.

Our wax tarps are very strong, reliable and the most economical available. Sunfield’s tarps are made with 100% cotton canvas and are extremely durable and long lasting. We apply special high quality chemicals to our regular tarps.

Colors Available

Wax tarps are available in the following colors

  • Olive Drab or Dark Green
  • Brown
  • Tan

Weights Available

We specify the offered fabric in finished weights. The following weights are offered in both Regular tarps and FR tarps. 

Our finished weight ranges from

8 oz 
10 oz 
12 oz 
15 oz 
18 oz 
20 oz

Please provide us with your specs or pick a tarp from our offered range. With our quality and commitment we are the most trusted source for all sizes of tarp.

Sizes Available

Our tarps are custom made to order. We make all sizes and combinations!

Our most popular sizes are given below.

6 x 8 
8 x 10 
10 x 12 
10 x 16 
16 x 20 
20 x 20 
20 x 24 
20 x 30