Fire Resistant Tarps

When we apply special high quality chemicals to our regular tarps, we meet the special requirements of protection from fire, aka Fire Resistant Tarp (FR Tarp).

We make fire resistant tarps to meet the California Fire Marshall Certification. Our product is proven tested and delivered to serve you for a very long time.

Weights Available

We specify the offered fabric in finished weights. The following weights are offered in both Regular tarps and FR tarps. 

Our finished weight ranges from

8 oz 
10 oz 
12 oz 
15 oz 
18 oz 
20 oz

Please provide us with your specs or pick a tarps from our offered range. With our quality and commitment we are the most trusted source for all sizes of tarp.

Sizes Available

As informed earlier our tarps are custom made to order. We make all sizes and combinations of  the  tarps. 

Our most popular sizes are given below.

6 x 8 
8 x 10 
10 x 12 
10 x 16 
16 x 20 
20 x 20 
20 x 24 
20 x 30

Colors Available

Usually both Regular tarps and FR tarps are available in following colors: